Established Cache  (Review by konopapw)

Allen View
Placed on 12/15/2001 by konopapw
Difficulty: 2.5 /  Terrain: 3.5

A geocaching friend suggested I feature one of my long- standing caches.  This one is somewhat special to me for various reasons.  Instead of imposing a find limit or time limit on this one, I decided to let it stand for people to discover over time.

This cache is on private property.  Permission was obtained by 'Raiders of the Lost Cache', who happens to be an aquaintence of the land owner.  The cache is technically in a corner of St. Louis County, in Allenton (thus the name- Allen View), next to the Meramec River.  Instructions are to park in the Conservation river access off of Hunter's Ford Rd.  Take an easy, flat walk along the river.  This is river bottomland, so if it has rained recently, expect to get muddy here and when climbing the hills.  The terrain quickly changes and you'd suddenly think you were a mountain goat.  The view from the cache area is best in the spring and fall, when you can see through the trees to the river.  You can revel in the fact that this particular view is one that not many people know about or get to see.

  New Cache (Review by konopapw)

Play Ball
Placed on 8/31/02 by GBFind
Difficulty: 2 /  Terrain: 2

This was one of the last caches that Ms E. and I hunted one Saturday afternoon.  Looking at an old map will tell you to take Cool Valley Rd., but it has since been renamed to T R Hughes Blvd.  Nasty weather loomed in the distance as we drove into the Ozzie Smith Sports Complex parking area.  This was a rare occassion because Ms E. was driving and I was navigating.  I directed her to an area where there weren't marked parking spaces, so she opted to let me off to do the hunting, just a few hundred feet away.

Not a human being in sight.  Nature sounds were all around.  I stumbled upon a cache decoy.  I read the hint which led me to the correct location.  I like the fact that this cache has a workable theme to it.  I was hoping that I would find a baseball in the woods that might have been lost from a bad throw or a homerun hit from the ballpark, but I didn't take too much time to search.  I grabbed a rubber ball and bounced it all the way back to the car!

  Featured Cache (8/22/02) 

Some Disassembly Required was placed on 8/1/02 by RGS.

 The micro is located IN a spring house at Laumeier Park.  All the trails are paved or hardpacked and wide, and you won't need to leave any trails to get to the spring house.  ".

Prior to 1916, Mr. Joseph Griesedieck, owner of Falstaff Brewing and president of Vahlaus Reality owned the land now called Laumeier park. He had the old stone springhouse built over Red Bud Springs, which he also named. This interesting historical feature is unique even though the spring has bypassed the structure by flowing through a lower outlet.

Water does flow in the actual springhouse after heavy rains. Many small caves and springs are present in the area, although some were destroyed during the construction of nearby interstate highways I-44 and I-270. This springhouse predates all other buildings and is the oldest known permanent structure within the park.
Difficulty: 2.5 /  Terrain: 1

   Featured Cache (8/22/02) 

Civil War 1 was placed on 2/20/02 by thunder monk.

 This is a 2 part multicache seperated by a short distance in the community of Rolla. It is relatively level walking and trails lead close to both caches. 

This cache is meant to commemorate the Civil War in Missouri and in particular the city of Rolla.  This is my family's very first cache so I would appreciate any feedback that you more experienced cachers can offer.
Difficulty: 2 /  Terrain: 1.5

Featured Cache (7/21/02) 

Bookcrossing cache was placed on 7/12/02 by nyisutter.

 'Bookcrossing' is a new phenomenon that is becoming quite popular. The idea is to make the world become a library and to encourage people to share their favorite books with others. The founder of Bookcrossings got the idea from Geocaching, wheresgeorge, etc. Since I love geocaching and I love books, it was only natural to combine the two games and create a Bookcrossing cache.

Bookcrossing books are a lot like travel bugs in that they are marked with a special number and their journeys are tracked on the website. But success can be much more hit and miss since most books are left randomly out in the world. The cache offers a more secure way of making sure your books really do get picked up and logged. Along with the cache, I also created a travel bug book "Mixed Signals" that is to be logged at both sites with specific goals on how it is to travel, further meshing the two games.  Bookcrossing web site.
Difficulty: * /  Terrain: **

Featured Caches (6/24/02)
Gaberet Island Cache & River Rat Cache were placed on 6/23/02 by myotis.  

 These are in the 2,200 acres of land the Illinois Department of Conservation recently acquired on the Chouteau Island, Gaberet Island, and Mosenthien Island Complex. Other agencies also own land on the islands. There is more acquisition in process. It is hoped in the near future almost all of the islands will be in public ownership ... You get to walk along the Chain of Rocks Canal and Mississippi. There are lots of nice views and lots of wildlife ... All the hiking is on level ground expect a few spots. Almost all of the hiking is in the sun and there is little shade. So in the summer, bring plenty of water.

Gaberet Island Cache: 5.5 miles round trip, River Rat Cache:  4.5 miles round trip, (Combined: <7 miles)
Difficulty: ** /  Terrain: **

Featured Cache (5/15/02) 
In the Cellar is a 2-part multi-cache placed on 5/11/02 by RGS. It is hidden somewhere along the Chubb Trail. Estimated walk is about 3.25 miles round trip from the Lone Elk trailhead. The cache is located on the old Minke farm property and is now part of Castlewood S.P. Once the property was purchased, the old 2 story rock farmhouse and 4 club houses along the river were torn down. 2 larger structures still remain; an old barn updated to a pole barn, and an old corn crib. Walking in the area reveals a very large 6-7 ft. diameter tree, old fences & upright RR ties used as fence post & gate posts.   
Difficulty: ** /  Terrain: **.5