Play Ball
Taken 09/04/02 by wow4mom

The boys with the cache

Kid's Rest Cache
Taken 09/08/02 by konopapw

thunder_monk, RGS and Ms E. - caching in Rolla, Mo

Featured Picture # 2 (8/21/02)
Reservoir Dogs-- (#8) Cache
Kevin of K-TEAM at his 300th cache find.
Taken on August 4, 2002 by Clayton Lucey.
Featured Picture # 2 (8/15/02)
Dollhead Cache
GLNash is 'Lord of the Flies'.
Taken on February 23, 2002 by Barramus.
Featured Picture (8/6/02)
Whitecliff Cache Course
St. Louis Area Mensa Geocachers
Taken on July 21, 2002
Featured Picture (7/25/02)
Gaberet Island Cache
GLNash in a sticky situation.
Taken by RGS on June 30, 2002
Featured Picture (7/21/02)

  World's Tallest
Bonz with Robert Wadlow.
Taken by Barramus on April 16, 2002.
Featured Picture (7/11/02)
Alan and the Ghosts Cache on 7/11/2002.
Picture by maddogR. acapt.
Featured Picture (7/11/02)
Featured Picture
Curly Tiger and Miss Pumpkin.
Picture by web-ling on 6/30/2002.
Featured Picture  (6/30/2002)
Featured Picture
Left to Right, in front of St. Louis
 Skyline: (Island-Dave, GLNash, Barramus).
Taken by RGS on June 30, 2002.
Featured Picture  (6/30/2002)
Featured Picture
Tyler with cache and zoo travel bug.
Taken by wow4mom on June 26, 2002.
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