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Barry Bryant
Bruce Seeling
08/03/01 The Christian Science Monitor High-tech hunters scour US for buried 'treasure' Craig Savoye

Photo by Eric Lundsford

Reporter tagging along on a cache hunt.  References made to the growing sport and Thomas and Monica Quick, Walter and Andrea Morrison hunt for Eddie's Money cache in Babler Park.
7/31/01 KY3 News (Springfield, MO) Geocaching combines romance of hunting for HIDDEN TREASURES and innocent joy of hide-and-seek Jerry Jacob, KY3 News Describes the hunting adventures of geocachers near Table Rock lake, Mo.

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Dennis and Jeanne Hendricks
03/08/01 GUIDON (Leisure Section) Master Sgt. Ray Long III Describing a typical geocaching hunt. Air Force Detachment 7 working on 1st cache in area of Fort Leonard Wood.