Thanks to the efforts of RGS,  the Association had a cap made for geocacher BruceS to commemorate his 1,000th geocache find.  RGS found a merchant who would do the stitching of 'SLAGA' (any color) on a hat (any color in stock), for $8.  He said that Mandy can make the hat in about 5 minutes while you wait, if she is not too busy.

Cap (front view)
Cap (left view)
Cap (right view)

Letter Connection
#100 Meramec Valley Plaza

(141 & Marshall Rd in Valley Park - across from Carol House)

Business Cards
Geocacher RGS has obtained some business cards with the Association name and web site URL on it.  The plan is to drop these in caches we visit.  This is a great way to publicize our group.  If you come across a baggie full of them in a cache, take a few and put them in caches that don't have any.

If you would like some, send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to RGS at the address below. You can also make arrangements if you happen to meet up with RGS out caching.

Richard Sheffold
4 Banbury Ct.
Crestwood, Mo  63126