(Sat) October 12th
1 pm
(Start to gather at noon)


*** Saturday ***
Cloudy with showers likely late this afternoon. A mid afternoon high near 73 with temperatures falling into the mid 60s by early evening.  Mostly cloudy with showers early then clearing. Low: 40

*** Sunday ***
Partly to mostly sunny and quite chilly. Highs in the mid 50s.


Castlewood State Park Web Site

Park Entrance
N 38 33.193
W 090 32.765
(Open 7am to 1/2 hr after sunset, which will be about 7pm)


(Shelter #2)
N38 32.952
W090 32.248
Directions and Nearby Caches

 Food / Activities 

What to Bring
In addition to bringing a shared food item, bring cache logbooks that you may still have from archived or maintained caches, personal caching pictures, caching stories, unusual trinkets, etc.  Any caching-related items that you want to share with the group.  Oh, and just in case the picnic benches get really full or you want a more comfy seat, bring your favorite lawn chair!

What SLAGA Provides
SLAGA will provide burgers, brauts, hot dogs, buns and charcoal for the grill.  We will grill the meat and have it ready by the time we eat.  If you bring your own meat for the grill, we can grill it for you, or hand the spatula over to you!

Kid Activities
Besides the schedule kid's games, there is a volleyball net nearby, but someone will have to bring a volleyball, if you want to play.  konopapw keeps two softball gloves, softballs, an aluminum bat and frisbees in the trunk of his car at all times, so they will be available for use.

 Picnic Committe Duties 
  • Sign-in, Group photo, SLAGA Sign   (Island-Dave)
  • Picnic Cache coordinators   (Island-Dave & RGS)
  • Balloons, lighter fluid, matches, salt, pepper, garlic salt, Recycling czar (Barramus)
  • 'Hello, I'm __' labels, Meat, Buns   (RGS)
  • Charcoal, Big garbage can, Power stapler, grilling utinsels, masking tape, paper towels  (konopapw & Ms E.)
  • Hotpads and oven mitts  (RGS, konopapw & Ms E.)
  • Grill-master   (GLNash)
  • Children's games   (wow4mom & nyisutter)
  • Picnic Cache Ammo Box   (konopapw)
  • Setup/Cleanup   (konopapw, Ms E. Barramus, RGS, Island-Dave, GLNash)

Photo CD
RGS created a CD photo album containing pictures from the BruceS 1,000th SLAGA event.  We will have (8) free copies available at the picnic for anyone who wants one.  Just insert the CD and use the built-in album software to view the images.

Business Cards
RGS ordered some more SLAGA business cards (250 for $5.10 - billable to the SLAGA kitty), which will be available for our members to take and place in any caches where there aren't any already.  See what they look like, here.



12:00 pm
   Start to gather.  Sign in.  Mingle/play/look at 'show-n-tell' items people brought

1:00 pm
   Thanks (Sponsors)/Announce schedule/Introductions (GLNash and others)
   Info about the 'Impress Us' moving cache (Island-Dave)
   Group Photo (everybody - taken by Island-Dave)

1:15 pm
  Eat (everybody)

2:00 pm
  Discussions (no more than 10 minutes each topic):
    konopapw - www.geostl.com web site
    BruceS - Hunt planning and words of wisdom
    Barramus - Geocachers involvement in Habitat-for-Humanity
    nyisutter - Bookcrossing
    wow4mom - Caches in Busch Wildlife C.A.  / Sponsorship and publicity
    Island-Dave - Treasurer's report / ExpertGPS demo / Palm Pilot Geocaching using Pocket Query

3:00 pm
   Kids event: Planned by nyisutter and wow4mom

3:30 pm
   Placement of picnic cache
   Play, mingle, etc.

6:00 pm
   Clean up by anyone who is left and wants to help

6:33 pm

7:03 pm
  Park closes


konopapw - Paul
Ms E. - Elaine
GLNash - Glenn
Barramus - Barry
MrB - Larry
RGS - Rich
CGS - Charlotte
Myotis - Jim
Purple - Laura
Purple - Scott
Thunder - Dan
Thunder - Diane
Thunder - Jason
nyisutter - Jen and Family
Ladybuggers - Jamey
Ladybuggers  Sheri
KimbyJ - Kim
Dliming&crew - Dan
Dliming&crew - Lyn
Dliming &crew - Nick
Tribble157 - Pam
Drur - Dru
milosmycat - Amy
xd_1999 - Jim
pa - Preston
ma - Geraldine
Lancelot - Glenn
IKanFindIt - Bill
NickyRex - Nick
DJ&R - John
DJ&R - Dorreen
DJ&R - Rebecca
Earl and
Strider - Jim
Show Me Kohns - Frank
Soldiers of Fortune - Lynn
Soldiers of Fortune - Dana
AndiM - Andrea
Krzcooter - Chris
JANS03 - Jan
tangerine - Tanga
ooga booga - Mark
Beano - Mark
Beano  - Marsha
Tank - Kessler
gjjrs - Gina
gjjrs - Joe
Mean Gene
wow4mom - Michelle and family
wow4mom - Chris
missouri mule - Barbara
Txsyank - Rudy
JoA - JoAnne
K-Team - Kevin
K-Team - Kory
Sheri Evans

Directions and Nearby Caches