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163021 Male Work married 41-50 high speed netscape Garmin Etrex 101-200 11-20 7 months  on on on   on on   on    on Ozark Trail, Wildcat, Devils Toll, Mini Sauk Aggets Allen View Global Cache To All That Wander Happy Yellow wontsay semiformal nameemail on on somemore  somemore Comments and Feedback here Comments and Feedback here Comments and Feedback here Comments and Feedback here Comments and Feedback here Comments and Feedback here   0000-00-00 00:00:00 
263134 Female Work single 31-40  internet explorer Garmin II 0-50 0-10 12 months  on     on             cheat informal nameemail      I have not done enough caching to remember any details. All of the hunts that I have done have been with Barramus. I just enjoy the outdoors and the challenge of finding the cache.  0000-00-00 00:00:00 
363138 Male Work single 31-40 dial up aol Garmin GPSMAP76 0-50 0-10 3 months  on on on   on on       on     decrypt informal nameonly  on lotmore  somemore   0000-00-00 00:00:00 
463303 Male Working Student single 11-20 high speed internet explorer Garmin Etrex Vista 0-50 0-10 5 months  on on on    on     on  on Man vs Nature Corporal Snuffys Box Archie Stands Tall Private Snuffys Box The Mexican Conways Cache decrypt semiformal nameemailphone on on lotmore Newpaper articles, going out to stores and having fund raisers, inviting friends with us lotmore I am 19 and studying to be an IT manager at ITT Technical Institute. I think that Geocaching is great. It is just the break I need from all of my work to keep me from going insane. None 0000-00-00 00:00:00 
563069 Male Unemployed single 31-40 dial up internet explorer Garmin III Plus 201-300 0-10 9 months  on  on   on on on       The Wildcat Trilogy. Aggets Part II. Sterling Blood Cache (archived) Prehistoric Ellis Island Intersection Version 1.0 decrypt informal nameemail on on somemore Natural growth will occur from word of mouth.  somemore COOL survey form and results.  0000-00-00 00:00:00 
663123 Female Work divorced 41-50 dial up internet explorer Garmin eTrex Summit 0-50  1 month  on on on    on            decrypt semiformal nameonly on on lotmore Keep showing it to more people! I introduced my brother, sister, their kids and my parents to geocaching over the weekend in Kansas City. They all loved it and will probably get their own gps units soon. somemore   0000-00-00 00:00:00 
762040 Male Work married 31-40 dial up internet explorer Garmin Etrex & Magellan 0-50 0-10 14 months  on on on    on  on      Pyramid Cache/Prehistoric Find/Chubb Cache Pyramid Cache All Smiles ????? cheat semiformal nameonly  on somemore Take someone new with you when you go out. I've taken 3 new people in the last two weeks. lotmore   0000-00-00 00:00:00 
863128 Male Work married 31-40 dial up internet explorer garmin gps12map 101-200 0-10 14 months  on on on on  on on  on on  on  on Blood cache    decrypt  informal      somemore   0000-00-00 00:00:00 
963740 Male Work married 31-40 dial up opera Garmin Etrex 0-50 0-10 1 month on on on   on on  on on  on  on     cheat informal nameonly on  lotmore We need to talk about it. I had never heard of it until recently. lotmore I am brand new to this and Southeast Missouri has a lot of great places for caches. When I can get out to a few caches to see how a good one is created, I intend to make a few of my own. Caches are pretty sparse in the Cape Girardeau area. 0000-00-00 00:00:00 
1063051 Male Retired married over 60 dial up netscape Magellin 2000 0-50  5 months  on on on   on   on  on on  on Aggets Aggets II Bell Mtn Whitecliff Rt 66  cheat informal nameemail  on OKnow     0000-00-00 00:00:00 
1163116 Female Work single 21-30 high speed internet explorer etrex 0-50 0-10 2 months  on on on   on on  on     on     cheat informal nameemail on  somemore  somemore   0000-00-00 00:00:00 
1262220 Male Work married 41-50 high speed internet explorer Garmin Vista over 400 11-20 14 months  on    on on      on  on Flashback, Pickle Creek, Pirate    wontsay informal nameemail     somemore   2002-06-03 22:26:45 
13 Male Retired married 51-60 high speed internet explorer Garmin Etrex Legend 101-200 11-20 5 months  on  on  on on on  on   on  on Reflection, Hughes Mountain, Phort Knocks Labarque Hideout Local News Happy Yellow cheat informal nameemail   somemore It seems like new cachers are popping up at a good clip as it is. Maybe another picnic/local outing would get some interest by potential cachers, although I don't know how they would be aware of it. Maybe make up fliers and put at park and recreation off somemore More caches are always good, but then the density becomes a problem. I guess we all need to weed out our no brainer/weak/out od date caches to open up areas for new caches. Still, we need 1/1's for the newbees. I think this field is WAY too small. 2002-06-03 22:35:27 
1463025 Male Work single 31-40 Other  Garmin GPS III 101-200 0-10 7 months  on on on on on on   on on on on  on Onyx Cache, Blood, Lizards Delight RockPile Mountain Rt. 66 Bubbles LetterCache cheat informal nameemail on on somemore More media attention. somemore   2002-06-03 22:41:06 
1563303 Male Work married 41-50 dial up internet explorer Garmin 51-100 0-10 5 months  on on on  on on on  on  on   on Phort Knocks, Catawissa Party Cove, North Passage North Passage ChainMail  cheat informal nameemailphone on  somemore Nothing, it will grow on its own. somemore   2002-06-03 22:44:20 
1663026 Male Work married  high speed internet explorer Garmin Vista StreetPilot 201-300 0-10 13 months  on on on   on     on   on Wildcat Mountain, anything else by Butch Smithton All the letterboxes Intersection - Waypoints wontsay semiformal nameemailphone        2002-06-03 22:52:06 
1753951 Male Work married 51-60 dial up internet explorer Garmin GPS II 0-50  8 months  on on on on  on on     on on  Buffalo Fire Evacuation, Gunners Pool Cache, Rock Arbor Cache Near Mirror Gorilla Stash Cache  cheat        Just stopped by to check out other geocachingorganizations. Enjoyed the survey. Only been cachingsince mid January this year, but love it. Wisconsin ishaving a geocaching campout mid may and I've signed up togo. I have only met one other geocacher an  2002-06-03 22:59:13 
1863303 Female Work married 31-40 high speed internet explorer Garmin GPS 76 0-50  8 months  on on on      on on  on  on Finger Lakes, Pray for USA    wontsay semiformal nameonly on on      2002-06-03 23:02:10 
1963025 Female Unemployed single 31-40 dial up netscape Garmin GPS III 101-200  10 months  on on on on  on   on on on on  on BLOOD Cache, Please No Fires, Man vs. Nature Quail Ridge #1 Lady of the Rivers Bubbles LetterCache decrypt semiformal nameemail on on somemore  somemore   2002-06-03 23:23:03 
2063348 Male Work married over 60 dial up netscape Map 330 0-50 0-10 14 months  on on on on  on on  on   on  on So Close Yet So Far Katy Trail Camp Hutchins Zak's Cache Arnold 14 Bandit's Cache West City cheat semiformal nameemailphoneaddr  on somemore  lotmore The web site is a great idea. We also enjoyed the picnic last year. It is nice to meet other geocachers. It sure would be nice to have more activity in west St. Charles County and Warren and Lincoln counties. Bugs 2002-06-12 13:58:20 

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