Occassionally we develop surveys for our members and the casual browsers of this web site.  The purpose of the survey may be to determine the caching habits of geocachers or to get a concensus on when and where to hold our next picnic.



Geocaching Survey Locationless Caches
It's not too late to fill out our geocaching survey form.  It will help us gather statistics about the geocachers in our area, such as their favorite cache, type of GPS they have, what they bring with them on a hunt, etc.  Your name will remain anonymous.

[Results] (35 Responses)


What do you think of Locationless caches?  For instance, logging a turtle crossing the road as a cache find! Do you like them? Are you going after them or not?

Email us your thoughts.  We will post them on the web.  [Results]


SLAGA Picnic Survey  (5/18/2002)
When we were gathering information to determine when to have a SLAGA picnic, we created an online form for selecting dates for the picnic, how many people would be attending in your group and what you would be bringing.  The party is long over, but we have retained the information for posterity.  [Results]