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2014 SLAGA Travel Bug Race

updated 7-27-2014
Trackable Name (linked to TB page) Owner   Current miles
Cachesaurus Robcyn   14,314
Silent Whistle Curious GEOrge 3   12,703
WadeLori Love to Travel WadeLori   11,375
Racing Alien Tourist fearlessknits   6340
Going My Way bluedaisy   5565
Geowoodstock Dove Strider   5229
The Cats Personnel Token Coin. THE CAT   5038
MOONEYES WAGON Puglet1   2754
Two-For-One Traveler - THE RACER Crowesfeat30   2748
May The Force Be With You Three (C3PO) rainman-rwb   2275
"Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks......" CribbageWitch   2209
Star the Unicorn bluedaisy   1386
Duo-Draco (2014 Racing Travel Bug) Hobbit Taz   1274
Gone Fishin' Team DLADL   1254
Scooter bluedaisy   814
The Need for Speed Curious GEOrge 3   621
Kelly's 2012 Mayan Calendar AussieOwl   393
Kelly's Spaceship AussieOwl   300
Hiking Hansel bluedaisy   41

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Best of SLAGA, all-time, all types

Best OfCreated On: 07/22/2014 17:46:26
Edited By Elonka On: 07/22/2014 17:51:21
Best of SLAGA, as determined by favorite points for all active caches placed within 100 miles of the St. Louis Arch (about 12,000 caches). This list includes the top 25 when considering all active caches, all years, all types:

* 528 (Virtual) St. Louis Arch Virtual Cache; bjbest, Big Jimmy, Javapgmr; GC7ED
* 372 (T) Q's GW 1-Gadget Cache, Major_Boothroyd & Major 134, GC528DX
* 312 (T) Q's GW 4-Gadget Cache, Major_Boothroyd & Major 134, GC530CH
* 284 (T) Q's GW 2-Gadget Cache, Major_Boothroyd & Major 134, GC528DX
* 236 (T) Q's GW 3-Gadget Cache, Major_Boothroyd & Major 134, GC538D7
* 196 (Virtual) RT66:IL-MO - Above the Trees & Mississippi Cache, Myotis, GC2258
* 154 (T) I'm Soooo Confused, L Frank & Denmother, GC15R7J
* 151 (T) Great Kaskaskia Dragon, Rome263, GCHWFZ
* 146 (Virtual) Firefighters Memorial, cwa219, GCEBC8
* 133 (Virtual) Missouri's First State Capitol; Tim, Pam & Molly; GCB4C4
* 129 (Wherigo) Historic Main Street St. Tour, Forest-Ghost, GC54TWX
* 108 (EC) RT66:IL Mighty Mississippi's Chain of Rocks, bitter/sweet, GC1JRBG
* 105 (Virtual) The Oak Ridge Tour, Rod & Shelby, GCE6FF
* 101 (Puzzle) Bird is the Word, Max Yasgur, GC52ZAX
* 94 (Virtual) missouri records, pntball GC9FEE
* 89 (Multi) Citygarden Tour, Strider, GC2AX7Q
* 89 (EC) Cahokia Mounds, a World Heritage Site; green river guy; GC1FXND
* 88 (T) The Pullet Surprise, steve.n.erin, GC3JQPK
* 87 (T) I Spy Academy, Off Looking and MapRat, GC24TVE
* 85 (Virtual) Rolla Monuments, thunder, GC52E5
* 80 (Virtual) Lady of the Rivers, Island-Dave, GC356F
* 79 (EC) Creve Coeur Lake Waterfall, Tollybrew, GC159ZJ
* 76 (Virtual) Tom 'n' Huck Cache, TomNHuckleberry, GCE32C
* 72 (EC) Nature's Circus Elephants Earthcache, Ladybug STL, GC14E8E

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Candidates for SLAGA officer election

SLAGA members,

I am pleased to present you with the candidates for SLAGA officer election. The election will close on August 31st, 2014. If you have note received your ballot please contact SLAGA officers through the "Contact Us" form.



ArthurAndTrillian Michael Rogers

Team_State Kathy DeWitt

Vice-President (Remember to vote for two (2))

Eravau Tony Colter

How-D Bill Lange

Major134 Pete Shaw

rainman-rwb Ray Bernacki

sgtmta Michael Allison

swelgus Sandra Welgus


2_Cats Laura Million

Gone2theDogs Martha Koeller

Kimberteacher Kimberly Balek


Kimberteacher Moonchild1800 Wendy Neal


Get Outdoors Under the Arch

A group of us was involved in the national parks’ "Get Outdoors Under the Arch" event.  Several families and individuals got to learn what geocaching is via direct, hands-on play. This event also served as the first test run of our organization's new GPSr units – with interfaces foreign to some old-time cachers… but second nature to the kids used to touch screens.  Special thanks to the SLAGA members who came out to help. After spending some time training new (future) geocachers, we decided it was time to have a little fun.   

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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Best of SLAGA 2013

Best of SLAGA, 2013 Traditional Caches

Best OfCreated On: 04/09/2014 06:10:16
Edited By Elonka On: 04/09/2014 06:13:23
2013, Best of SLAGA, as determined by favorite points for Traditional caches placed within 100 miles of the St. Louis Arch, during the year of 2013:

* 245, Q's MOGA 2013-Mega Cache, Major_Boothroyd, GC44GMY
* 37, CRTMH FINAL-The Garage, Major_Boothroyd, GC4B667
* 28, Amazing Bird, L Frank and Denmother, GC43QJJ
* 28, River Des Peres Greenway Trail Series #14, Brad9018, GC4J3FA
* 23, Book Box, Trans World Author, GC46MGM
* 23, Just a Lock-n-Lock in Englemann Woods, Crowesfeat30, GC4372P
* 21, Bohrer Park #1, Brad9018, GC4A36P
* 20, Kinda seedy, tiname55, GC4A26C
* 20, Albo Gator, Major134, GC45HH9
* 18, Yup, Strider, GC473C3
* 18, Evil Spawn, DirtyBeard, GC44P4F

Best of SLAGA, 2013 All Cache Types

Best OfCreated On: 04/09/2014 06:01:33
Edited By Elonka On: 04/09/2014 06:07:21
2013, Best of SLAGA, as determined by favorite points for caches placed within 100 miles of the St. Louis Arch, during the year of 2013:

Caches placed in 2013
* Traditional: "Q's MOGA 2013-Mega Cache", Major_Boothroyd, GC44GMY
* Wherigo, "Quest for the Dragon's Cache", MOGA 2013, GC47ZC8
* Puzzle, "Dance to the Music", Eravau, GC47FTM
* Letterbox, "Riding the Donkey through the Meadow w/ Bob Costas", Grandma.Moses, GC4DNA1
* Earthcache, "Slave Rock", toadfrommars, GC49CV4
* Multicache, "On the Way to the Farmers Market", sgtmta, GC47J7W
* Challenge cache, "Rainman's 5000th - 66 Challenge Cache", Major134, GC4JF2A

Congrats to the Cache Owners, and thanks to them and everyone else who continues to create quality caches in the St. Louis area!


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