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Best of SLAGA 2013

Best of SLAGA, 2013 Traditional Caches

Best OfCreated On: 04/09/2014 06:10:16
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2013, Best of SLAGA, as determined by favorite points for Traditional caches placed within 100 miles of the St. Louis Arch, during the year of 2013:

* 245, Q's MOGA 2013-Mega Cache, Major_Boothroyd, GC44GMY
* 37, CRTMH FINAL-The Garage, Major_Boothroyd, GC4B667
* 28, Amazing Bird, L Frank and Denmother, GC43QJJ
* 28, River Des Peres Greenway Trail Series #14, Brad9018, GC4J3FA
* 23, Book Box, Trans World Author, GC46MGM
* 23, Just a Lock-n-Lock in Englemann Woods, Crowesfeat30, GC4372P
* 21, Bohrer Park #1, Brad9018, GC4A36P
* 20, Kinda seedy, tiname55, GC4A26C
* 20, Albo Gator, Major134, GC45HH9
* 18, Yup, Strider, GC473C3
* 18, Evil Spawn, DirtyBeard, GC44P4F

Best of SLAGA, 2013 All Cache Types

Best OfCreated On: 04/09/2014 06:01:33
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2013, Best of SLAGA, as determined by favorite points for caches placed within 100 miles of the St. Louis Arch, during the year of 2013:

Caches placed in 2013
* Traditional: "Q's MOGA 2013-Mega Cache", Major_Boothroyd, GC44GMY
* Wherigo, "Quest for the Dragon's Cache", MOGA 2013, GC47ZC8
* Puzzle, "Dance to the Music", Eravau, GC47FTM
* Letterbox, "Riding the Donkey through the Meadow w/ Bob Costas", Grandma.Moses, GC4DNA1
* Earthcache, "Slave Rock", toadfrommars, GC49CV4
* Multicache, "On the Way to the Farmers Market", sgtmta, GC47J7W
* Challenge cache, "Rainman's 5000th - 66 Challenge Cache", Major134, GC4JF2A

Congrats to the Cache Owners, and thanks to them and everyone else who continues to create quality caches in the St. Louis area!


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MOGA 2015

Since I haven't seen any official announcement on here yet… and since the page has published. I'm happy to let those of you who haven't already heard know that MOGA 2015 will be in Southeast Missouri territory. There is an ancient Egypt theme... and "Cache Like An Egyptian" is bound to be stuck in your head. HQ is in Jackson… and the  competition course will (probably) be in Cape Girardeau. Get all the currently-available information at

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SLAGA President Resignation

Wendee Scott-Dells has resigned as President of SLAGA for personal reasons.  According to the SLAGA Bylaws, upon the President’s resignation the two Vice Presidents are to serve as co-Presidents for the remainder of the term.  Consequently, Tony Colter and Michael Allison will serve in this capacity until a new Board is elected in the fall.

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Busch Wildlife/Weldon Springs permit manager

We have a new contact for geocache permits at Busch Wildlife/Weldon Springs.

Mr. Raenhard Wesselschmidt

email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
phone: 636-300-1953 ext. 4132.

We will try to get a blank permit to have posted in the permits section (lower left side of web site)

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2013 SLAGA Travel Bug Race FINAL RESULTS

Here are the final results of the 2013 SLAGA Travel Bug Race

Trackable Name (linked to TB page)Owner Current miles
I Love NY Moonwalking Bear   41343
Spiritwolf922's Green Alaska - SLAGA Racing Bug spiritwolf922   31641
The Cat's Rubber Duck #1 THE CAT   21705
Spongy's St. Louis Traveller spongy163   16274
Crabby Love bluedaisy   11240
MOGA 2013 Event Geocoin AussieOwl   6284
HARD HAT AREA: 2013 SLAGA TB RACE hcube1015   5814
Polar Bear Dog Tag swelgus   5724
Bus 19 kevntiff   3868
Turtle Race schrempa   2851
Red the Race Frog sgtmta   2678
Keike's Racer Bug keike   2082
I've Seen Paris bluedaisy   1436
Cannonball Run! joelarab   1354
Button Button Who Has the Button sgtmta   1292
Pirate Tag Long Frog Signal Team Tismon   1260
Whiskers the Cat Travel Tag CribbageWitch   1064
The Mule Train missourimule   1014
Pam's Pooch bluedaisy   874
2013 RACING TB: Blaze the Campfire Hobbit Taz   835
EAT CHIKIN bluedaisy   683
Pi Multi Event Geocoin Monk-E Arms   655
Racing License fearlessknits   564
Pirate Tag - Gunnin' Bill Blaster Team Tismon   552
2013 RACING TB: Hover the Hummingbird Hobbit Taz   543
Friendship or Knot Twin Awesome Girl   154
Sleepah hermie618   55
Tracker the Labrador Travel Tag ScrapLadyS   12
Path Tag Mania 2_cats   0
XmasTagz VB-Rat   0

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