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Featured Caches
Featured Cache Two caches are reviewed; one recently placed and one that has been around for awhile. (Next up: ohggrezvyx cipher cache)  [Archives]

If you want to see a cache featured here, email us with the reason it should be featured, your experience hunting it and any information about it that is not part of the cache page description on geocaching.com.

  New Cache (Review by konopapw)

Play Ball
Placed on 8/31/02 by GBFind
Difficulty: 2 /  Terrain: 2

This was one of the last caches that Ms E. and I hunted one Saturday afternoon.  Looking at an old map will tell you to take Cool Valley Rd., but it has since been renamed to T R Hughes Blvd.  Nasty weather loomed in the distance as we drove into the Ozzie Smith Sports Complex parking area.  This was a rare occassion because Ms E. was driving and I was navigating.  I directed her to an area where there weren't marked parking spaces, so she opted to let me off to do the hunting, just a few hundred feet away.

Not a human being in sight.  Nature sounds were all around.  I stumbled upon a cache decoy.  I read the hint which led me to the correct location.  I like the fact that this cache has a workable theme to it.  I was hoping that I would find a baseball in the woods that might have been lost from a bad throw or a homerun hit from the ballpark, but I didn't take too much time to search.  I grabbed a rubber ball and bounced it all the way back to the car!

Established Cache  (Review by konopapw)

Allen View
Placed on 12/15/2001 by konopapw
Difficulty: 2.5 /  Terrain: 3.5

A geocaching friend suggested I feature one of my long- standing caches.  This one is somewhat special to me for various reasons.  Instead of imposing a find limit or time limit on this one, I decided to let it stand for people to discover over time.

This cache is on private property.  Permission was obtained by 'Raiders of the Lost Cache', who happens to be an aquaintence of the land owner.  The cache is technically in a corner of St. Louis County, in Allenton (thus the name- Allen View), next to the Meramec River.  Instructions are to park in the Conservation river access off of Hunter's Ford Rd.  Take an easy, flat walk along the river.  This is river bottomland, so if it has rained recently, expect to get muddy here and when climbing the hills.  The terrain quickly changes and you'd suddenly think you were a mountain goat.  The view from the cache area is best in the spring and fall, when you can see through the trees to the river.  You can revel in the fact that this particular view is one that not many people know about or get to see.


Featured Pictures
Two pictures are featured.  [Archives]

If you want to see a picture featured here, email us the cache name where the picture has been uploaded, or if it is one you took and is not on geocaching.com, send us the image or URL where it can be found.

Picture #1

Kid's Rest Cache
Taken 09/08/02 by konopapw

thunder_monk, RGS and Ms E. - caching in Rolla, Mo

Picture #2

Play Ball
Taken 09/04/02 by wow4mom

The boys with the cache


Heard in Passing
Random, intriguing snippets of cache logs that may make you wonder which cache they are from.  [Archives]

If you think there is a cache with interesting log comments and what to see them referenced here, email us with cache name and we'll see if we can pull out some interesting tidbits.

What cache are these logs from?
  • "... It has all kinds of neat historic things everywhere you look ..."
  • "... I would like to have the house where Adm Bld lives ..."
  • "... Then we just sort of winged it and nobody took any shots at us so I guess we were on the right path ..."
  • "... I kept trying to imagine who would be sneaking up on whom, where, and why ..."
  • "... Used the Mean Gene battery-saver trick, since the GPSR was running at 1/8 power from the get-go ..."
[   Fort Bellefontaine, by Island-Dave   ]
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